February 2016

Our Commitment  

Proactive Police Patrols

To help assure safety and security for all within the District, The Energy Corridor™ Police Patrol is on duty two shifts per day seven days per week. The Patrol works by assessing the District's safety concerns, after which it develops and implements activities to provide a response. The officers are liaisons with the HPD Northwest and Westside Command Centers. They obtain and analyze the most current crime statistics and take proactive measures to combat any budding crime patterns within the District.

Energy Corridor District property owners, managers and security professionals can participate in this effective program by:

  • Attending the semi-monthly Security and Safety Network (PIP) meetings, which are held on the 4th Thursday of each month. You can sign up for an email notification of these meetings by writing to alamkahouan@energycorridor.org
  • Reporting "ordinance crimes" to the District such as bandit signs, panhandling, parking, graffiti and illegal dumping. Our officers will quickly respond to your concerns. Call 281-759-3800.
  • Calling the District at 281-759-3800 to set up a crime prevention survey of your business or apartment residence in the District. Our trained officers will be happy to work with you to improve the security and safety of your business, commercial center or apartment complex.

For presentations on these and other security and safety programs, please visit the Houston Police Department website: www.houstontx.gov


HPD Beats In the Energy Corridor

HPD Beats in the Energy Corridor