November 2018


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Shop, Save, and Promote Locally with The Energy Corridor District’s Community Deals

The Energy Corridor District’s free Member Deals program – developed to promote local businesses within The District while providing discounts to consumers – has been relaunched as Community Deals.

It’s goal, says Rachael Weaver, Community Relations Coordinator for The District, is to encourage people to support local businesses, while giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to reach customers with a marketing program that’s costs nothing to participate. The only requirement is that a business must be within The Energy Corridor District’s boundaries.

“One of our missions is to support the businesses within The District and Community Deals is designed to incentivize people with coupons to shop locally,” explains Weaver. “Community Deals gives those businesses a unique way to reach customers at no cost. We promote Community Deals in our monthly newsletter, on our website at and through social media. These reach customers that businesses might otherwise miss.”

The District retooled the program to dispel misconceptions that Member Deals required some form of membership. But, says Weaver the only membership requirement is having a business within The District. Being able to promote a business for free is one of the benefits of being inside The District, she explains.

Community Deals provide discounts on all sorts of goods or services to people who present an Energy Corridor Community Deal coupon. All discounts and coupons will be accepted – and anyone living inside or outside The District can take advantage of the deals.

“Anyone can enjoy the savings by presenting the Community Deal at participating businesses within the Energy Corridor District,” says Weaver. “Community Deals have the potential to reach not only the residents living in The Energy Corridor District, but also the 94,000 employees who work here.”

Businesses desiring to create their own Community Deals can check to see if they are within District boundaries by visiting The District’s online resource library here.

For more information, or to create your own Community Deal, contact Rachael Weaver, Community Relations Coordinator for The Energy Corridor District, at, or call 281-759-3800.

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