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Meet the Energy Corridor District Summer 2017 Interns

Two ambitious high school studetns have joined the District this summer for a 3 month internship where they are assisting with community planning, outreach, and data collection. Melanie Dotson, from the Village School of Houston, and Andrew Farias, who joined through the Houston Hire Youth, work part-time at the District office. You might see both of these students out and about this summer conducting surveys, identifying areas in need of District assistance, or helping the staff coordinate programs throughout the area. 

 Andrew Farias

A native Houstonian, Andrew Farias is a recent graduate of the Energy Institute High School. As a product of the nation's first project based learning and energy industry-focused school, he has participated in numerous leadership opportunities both on and off campus. Andrew's strongest passions lie in environmentalism, social equality, and STEM, which allows him to value the importance of diversity from all walks of life for all of nature's inhabitants.

In working as an Energy Corridor District intern, Andrew hopes to assist in gathering feedback from community residents and surveying public land that requires revitalization. He ultimately hopes to give back to the community that has already given so much to others. In the fall, Andrew will be attending Carleton College in pursuit of a B.S. in environmental studies. Following his graduation, he aims to pursue a career with the Environmental Protection Agency as an environmental specialist to ensure a better future for generations yet to come


 Melanie Dotson

Melanie Dotson is a rising senior at the Village School located in the Energy Corridor area. She was born and raised in Houston, Texas, half american-half Bolivian, and a resident of the Energy Corridor community.  She came to help the District improve the area in as many ways as possible. The main reason for applying as an intern for the Energy Corridor District was her passion to want to make a positive change to the community where she lives. She hopes to help assist in implementing a bikeshare program for members of the community to use and to create a cohesion in the community by assisting the outreach, communications, and transporation programs.

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