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September 2013

Is West Houston Ready for Bike Sharing?

Is West Houston Ready for Bike Sharing?ECD Newsletter Readers Can Try B-Cycle with a 50% Discount

Bike sharing is becoming big.

Across the land, bike-sharing programs are rolling into towns everywhere. And Texas is no exception, as people are finding shared bicycles not only a great way to get around, but also fun.

Texans are now sharing bikes in four cities, including Houston with its B-Cycle program, offering more than 20 stations scattered throughout downtown and nearby neighborhoods. B-Cycle is proving popular with Houstonians, and more bike-sharing stations are on the way.

The Energy Corridor District is exploring a bike-sharing program for West Houston. A task force is being developed to evaluate the desirability and feasibility of a bike share program among Energy Corridor residents, employees and visitors. We’d like to hear your ideas about bike sharing in The Energy Corridor. Share them by clicking here to take a brief survey.

And here’s your chance to experience the fun of bike share at a discount. Energy Corridor District newsletter readers can use a special promotion code, 78552, at any Houston B-Cycle station to enjoy 50 percent off a 24-hour membership.

Take a discounted ride downtown. Then share your experience with us by commenting or sharing your photos on our Facebook page, or by emailing Kelly Rector, Energy Corridor District, krector@energycorridor.org.

You can pick up a cool B-Cycle bicycle at one station, ride to another station, then drop it off. It’s a whole new way to explore your city. Check out a station map and more information here.

Houston B-cycle, operated by non-profit Houston Bike Share, is already planning to expand its footprint and create greater station density in currently serviced areas. So far, 95 percent of Houston’s B-Cycle stations and bikes have been purchased through federal grants secured and managed by the City of Houston. The program’s operating expenses are currently covered through income from renting the bikes and a sponsorship with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, which sees health benefits in bike sharing.

Please take a moment to share your ideas about a West Houston bike share program by taking the brief survey. Then, as Freddie Mercury sang, Get on your bikes and ride!

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