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June 2013

METRO Invites Energy Corridor District to Join Team Re-Imagine

Team Re-ImagineMajor initiative seeks to overhaul transportation thinking in Houston

The Energy Corridor District has been invited to join METRO’s Team Re-Imagine, an initiative that seeks to significantly improve transportation in a region expected to reach 7.6 million residents by 2025.

Team Re-Imagine’s mission is to completely rethink how best to connect people in the Houston area for years to come.

Led by METRO Board Member Christof Spieler, the project involves a “who’s who” in regional transportation planning. Spieler has said the group plans to wipe the slate clean in order to improve transportation mobility for one of the nation’s fastest growing areas.

From rail lines and bus ridership, Team Re-Imagine has several active milestones in place to re-think the region’s transit system, with a lofty goal to substantially increase participation by local commuters. 

The Energy Corridor District joins a consultant team that includes Traffic Engineers, Inc, Nancy R. Edmonson, Asakura Robinson Company, RSM Services Corporation, Advanced Traffic Solutions, Outreach Strategists, Dan Boyle and Associates, Jarrett Walker, Strategic Economics and Texas Southern University.

With the recent launch of its CarShare program – a ground-breaking effort that offers shared cars at work for commuters from different companies who use alternative transportation such as van pools – The Energy Corridor District is undertaking its own “re-imagine” effort to improve regional mobility and air quality, says John Nunez, Transportation Manager for the district.

“CarShare can make carpooling, vanpooling and bus riding more attractive because you can leave your vehicle at home knowing you can borrow a shared car while at work to run an errand,” Nunez explains.

Two CarShare vehicles supplied by Enterprise CarShare are now being used by commuters at Eldridge Place, a three-tower office complex at Eldridge and Memorial Dr, and other installations are expected to be announced soon, says Nunez.

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