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July 2013

Ashford Place Joins Effort to Mitigate Traffic as 2nd CarShare Site

Hundreds of Alternative Transportation Commuters in Energy Corridor Now Have Mobility Options at Work

Another Energy Corridor office complex is providing commuters a persuasive incentive to use alternative transportation in the crusade to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.

Ashford Place on St. Mary’s Lane, just southwest of I-10 and Dairy Ashford, has become the second office center to install The Energy Corridor District’s unique traffic-mitigating CarShare program.

CarShare brings commuters who use vanpools, carpools, buses, bicycles or their own two legs to get to work in the Energy Corridor the convenience and assurance of having the option to use a shared vehicle while at work, just in case they need to run an errand or check on a family emergency.

Two energy-efficient vehicles managed by Enterprise CarShare now wait in prime, front-of building parking spots at Ashford 5 (southeast corner of Threadneedle and St. Mary’s Lane) for alternative commuters doing their part to reduce traffic congestion.  Of course, some alternative commuters simply want to minimize wear-and-tear on their own vehicles, or cut the stress of driving in traffic.

Ashford Place joins Eldridge Place, at Memorial Drive and N. Eldridge Parkway, as The Energy Corridor’s CarShare program extends its reach. The program, launched in April, is a Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Federal grant pilot project.

CarShare aims to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution by increasing the number of Energy Corridor workers that commute using alternative modes.

Many commuters are reluctant to leave their cars at home. According to recent transit studies, almost 24 percent of Energy Corridor workers were hesitant to try alternative transportation because of their concern for access to a vehicle during work. CarShare can now provide that vehicle.

Here’s how the program works. Energy Corridor CarShare members log on to the Enterprise CarShare web site with a Member ID, search for available cars, then select the day and time for their reservation. Swiping a membership card along the vehicle windshield unlocks the car. There are no reservation agents to talk with, and the process is quick and easy.

Federal grant money and contributions by The Energy Corridor District and Enterprise CarShare provide incentives to alternative mode commuters.

Incentives include waiver of the application fee ($25), a 50 percent reduction of the annual membership fee (from $50 to $25) and $25 in hourly rental credits each quarter for members to use shared vehicles for that occasional workday errand. Hourly rental rates are $9 weekdays and $8 weekends.

And if a workday family emergency looms, registered CarShare participants can use the vehicles at no cost.

Partners for The Energy Corridor’s Share Program include area property managers and employers, the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC), the Federal Transportation Administration, METRO and Nuride.

For more information on CarShare, visit

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