Unclogging Major Arteries

The Energy Corridor supports commuters with a superior transportation system that effectively addresses current and future mobility and access needs. Working with a team of committed, forward-thinking planners and resources, we make traveling through The Energy Corridor a breeze. Our plans and services promote compact quality development supporting a transit oriented pedestrian and bicycle friendly place that is enjoyable and people-oriented.

Rewarding Ways To Work

The Energy Corridor is committed to responding to the transportation and mobility needs of the community by providing commute solutions and services for getting them wherever they want to go. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and employers of The Energy Corridor are encouraged to choose healthier, more eco-friendly transportation options all while saving them money in gas and improving their quality of life.

How can you choose a greener way to get where you’re going? Try one of the following transportation alternatives to see which one works best for you. 

The METRO Route 75 Eldridge Crosstown connects bus routes to The Energy Corridor, Uptown Houston, downtown Houston, the Texas Medical Center and a host of other popular area destinations and employment sites. Patrons of the 75 Eldridge bus ride FREE every Friday beginning November 29, 2013. 

Park & Ride lots encourage stress-free commuting into and out of the Energy Corridor, while Park & Pool lots are ideal for forming vanpools and carpools. Both provide a safe and convenient place to park a personal vehicle during the day and allow easy access to HOV lanes. 

Metro STAR
STAR vanpooling and carpooling services connect you to people with similar commutes so that you can share the ride, helping you make a major contribution to your community by saving energy, reducing traffic congestion, and improving air quality.

Join an existing vanpool or carpool, or start your own at METRO STAR

With NuRide, it pays to be a green commuter. You get great rewards when you walk, bike, carpool, vanpool, telecommute or take public transportation throughout The Energy Corridor. Best of all, NuRide connects local members, making it easy to find a carpool to your destination. 

Sign up today—it’s free and easy to get started at

Commuting By Bike
With conveniently-located bicycling routes and racks throughout the community, The Energy Corridor promotes safe, enjoyable biking that lets you get to virtually any destination. Need a bike buddy along the way? Start with our quick and easy signup form and discover bike trails and maps here.

Walking On Your Daily Commute
Walking to work, or wherever else you want to go, is easy thanks to safe, easily accessible trails and sidewalks located throughout the Energy Corridor.

No matter which transportation alternative you choose, Enterprise CarShare gives you added flexibility. Vehicles are available to check out for personal and business errands so you're never stranded at work. 


If you are an employer interested in providing incentives for alternate commuting solutions to your employees, resources are available through the Houston-Galveston Area Council on telecommuting, alternate work schedulesparking management, and associated tax benefits to help you make informed decisions and implement successful programs for your employees.