June 2018


Security And Safety Programs

A Strong Commitment to Your Security

The Energy Corridor District places a high priority to maintain a safe environment for business owners, employees and residents. We foster public safety programs to insure that the District continues to be one of the most desirable commercial areas in the City of Houston and Harris County.

Houston Police officer on bikeThe Energy Corridor Crime Prevention Patrol enhances public safety. Staffed by off duty Houston Police officers, the Energy Corridor patrol uses marked patrol vehicles and bicycles to increase police visibility in the District, respond to District concerns, proactively address potential safety issues, implement long-term public safety solutions and code violations.

The HPD officers patrolling the District were selected based on their interpersonal skills and specialized training in community policing techniques. These policing techniques include the Positive Interaction Program (PIP) (meetings held regularly for property ownes, managers, security prfessionals and all those interested in public safety in the Energy Corridor District), the Differential Response Team (DRT) concept to enforce ordinances and quality of life issues to proactively reduce crime, and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED). CPTED is defined as “the proper design and effective use of the built environment that can lead to a reduction in the fear and incidence of crime, and an improvement in the quality of life”.

Houston Police officer Energy Corridor Security and Safety Requires Everyone's Participation

Create goodwill and heighten the sense of community by having interaction with business personnel and residential neighbors and patrol officers. By sharing your concerns, officers will become familiar with your safety needs and will be able to create patrol programs to meet those needs.

A successful work place public safety and crime prevention program includes a commitment by management to provide and promote:

  • A safe working environment free from violence
  • Work place violence policies and procedures
  • An effective comprehensive and visible security plan
  • Taking an interest in your own personal safety. Be aware of your surroundings and the people in your surroundings.
  • Developing a maintenance schedule to keep your security systems, lighting, gates and fences, etc. in proper working order

Proactive Police Patrols

The Energy Corridor Police Patrol is on duty two shifts per day seven days per week, keeping an eye on activities that impact security and safety within the District. The Patrol assesses the District's safety concerns and develops and implements activities to respond to them. The officers are liaisons with the HPD Northwest and Westside Command Centers . They obtain and analyze the most current crime statistics and take proactive measures to combat any budding crime patterns within the Energy Corridor District.

Energy Corridor District property owners, managers and security professionals can participate in this effective program by:

  • Attending the semi-monthly Security and Safety Network (PIP) meetings which are held on the 4th Thursday of each month. You can sign up for an email notification of these meetings by writing to kwallace@energycorridor.org
  • Reporting "ordinance crimes" to the District such as bandit signs, panhandling, parking, graffiti and illegal dumping. Our officers will quickly respond to your concerns. Call 281-759-3800.
  • Calling the District at 281-759-3800 to set up a crime prevention survey of your business or apartment residence in the District. Our trained officers will be happy to work with you to improve the security and safety of your business, commercial center or apartment complex.

For presentations on these and other security and safety programs, please visit the Houston Police Department website: http://www.houstontx.gov/police/index.html

Security and Safety Network

Officers in Energy CorridorThe Energy Corridor District sponsors Positive Interaction Program (PIP) meetings for networking opportunities on the 4th Thursday of every other month. These meetings promote proactive problem solving initiatives and forge a police/community partnership to address the causes of crime, fear of crime and other community issues. The luncheon allows stakeholders in the Energy Corridor District community to interact with police and District staff, exchange concerns and ideas and learn about current crime prevention techniques.

The Energy Corridor Security and Safety Network luncheons feature presentations on topics such as emergency preparedness, fraud prevention, ordinance enforcement and personal safety. Best of all, you can network with other business owners, managers and security professionals in the District and get to know your neighbors.

For email notification of these meetings, please call District offices at 281-759-3800 or email the District at kwallace@energycorridor.org

Who to Call

Always dial 9-1-1 for emergencies
For non-emergency public safety issues like vagrants, trespassing issues, bandit signs or code enforcement, please call the Energy Corridor District at 281-759-3800 or the Houston Police Department on their non-emergency nuber at 713-884-3131

Helpful Numbers

  • City of Houston Service Helpline, 3-1-1
    Use to access city services from 6 AM til midnight 7 days a week.
  • CenterPoint Energy, 713.207.2222
    Use to report street light outages. Identify the 6-digit pole number when calling.
  • Southeast Texas Poison Control
    Emergency Number 1.800.764.7661

Administrative Numbers

  • Houston Police non-emergency (713) 884-3131
  • Houston Fire Department (713) 247-5000
  • Harris County Sheriff's Department (713) 221-6000
  • Precinct 5 Constable's Department (281) 492-3500

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