June 2018


Energy Corridor District - Master Plan

Energy Corridor District - Master Plan The Energy Corridor is a model community of progressive companies recognized as a well-planned, high-quality place that integrates regional and metropolitan commercial development. The District's Master Plan includes long- and short-term improvements that support current and future economic vitality. Transit solutions address congestion, increase connectivity and improve traffic operations. Landscape and urban design elements aim to create identity, visual continuity and inviting streetscapes. A system of parks and trails makes the Corridor distinctive and memorable.

The master plan includes a marketing campaign for transit and other commuting options and infrastructure projects. The National Park Service is developing a master plan of trails connecting homes to work. The subsequent steps in this master plan contain a collection of physical improvements, new programs, long-range planning efforts, public events and other efforts.

A "Master- Planned Business Center"

The Energy Corridor District’s primary purpose is to increase the value of properties in the District. Local and national property interests recognize the benefit of special districts to protect property owners’ investments and increase values. Houston’s lack of zoning emphasizes the benefit of the Energy Corridor District’s master planning initiatives, transportation and infrastructure plans, park improvements, maintenance, security and advocacy for its constituents. Key components of the District’s Master Plan include:

  • Leverage public works projects
  • Esplanades and landscape improvements
  • IH 10 design, construction and enhancements
  • Pedestrian and bicycle improvements
  • Energy Corridor park system
  • Public safety, transportation and transit planning
  • Upgrade power utility infrastructure
  • IH 10 and SH 6 enhancements and maintenance
  • Six lane North Eldridge Parkway between Memorial and IH 10
  • North Eldridge Parkway Mobility and Esplanades Program
  • Eldridge Parkway - Turkey Creek Linear Park
  • Memorial / North Eldridge Parkway Intersection
  • District-wide way finding and signage program
  • National Park Service - West Houston Trails Project
  • Park at Addicks Dam Spillway
  • Fort Smith Street Reconstruction
  • Eldridge Crossstown Circulator
  • Terry Hershey Park North Trail Extension
  • Eldridge Identity Program
  • Traffic Signal at SH6 & Grisby
  • Eldridge & North Dairy Ashford Intersection
  • The New Kendall Branch Library

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