February 2019

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A recent independent study conducted by CDS Market Research indicates continued strong economic growth and development for The Energy Corridor. The study makes projections for housing, land use, population, and employment data, was conducted to assist local entities in planning for future expansion.

The study findings include:

  • The housing market including single family detached residences, townhouses, apartments and multi-family condominiums is expected to increase by 61% by 2030 from 8,980 units to 14,980 units
  • Population in The Energy Corridor is projected to increase 41% from 22,000 to 31,000
  • Office space and mixed-use are anticipated to increase 60% adding 16 million square feet by 2030
  • Retail space is forecast to increase 21% by 2030 from 2.9 million square feet to 3.5 square feet
  • By 2030, employment in The Energy Corridor is projected to grow 70% to 163,000 people

For more information, please click the link for a full copy of the survey results.

2016 Energy Corridor Land Use and Demographics Report


Energy Corridor District Land Use & Demographics