February 2019


Where Energy Moves

It takes energy to create energy and the strength of a growing, engaged workplace to create the one-of-a-kind energy that flows here. That is why so many of the world’s most powerful energy companies call The Energy Corridor home. Here, energy is more than a vital natural resource. It’s a unique, vibrant force that has empowered more than 300 multi-national, national and local companies to flourish. It is this energetic momentum that will carry us to a strong and secure future. The third largest employment center in the region, over 91,000 employees have already been drawn to The Energy Corridor for the opportunities and active, healthy lifestyle it offers.

Where Energy Lives

The Energy Corridor is a unique suburban environment surrounded by two of the largest unspoiled natural areas of any metropolitan region in the U.S. Over 26,000 acres of lush parks, bayous and reservoirs, and more than 50 miles of trails lead to beautiful energy campuses, and secure, attractive neighborhoods. Living here means being within minutes from some of the region’s finest schools, world-class healthcare, first-class hotels, convenient shopping, and incomparable dining choices.

Where Energy Flows

Traveling to and from The Energy Corridor is a breeze. Commuters can enjoy cleaner alternative transportation choices like Metro Park-and-Ride, vanpooling, car sharing, or even biking to work. Getting around The Energy Corridor is even easier. You have easy access to a variety of healthy and eco-friendly choices, including an abundance of trails, wide sidewalks, safe bike lanes, free shuttles, and cleaner burning natural gas powered buses.

Simply put, The Energy Corridor is the place where energy works, lives and flows. And where energy moves.

Energy Corridor Houston Area Map
Transit in the Energy Corridor